Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS)

Erasmus Policy Statement (Overall Strategy)

Abitura is educational company with a 20-years long tradition. We are a small Higher Vocational College working with young unemployed students and employed adults.

Our international strategy is a result of our values, which are above all professional excellence and the highest quality and our vision to become even more well-known as an institution that offers and provides quality knowledge, based on the interaction of theoretical knowledge and it’s practical use.

We are constantly developing and introducing a new educational programs, so the first criteria in selecting our partners is the compatibility of study programmes between educational organizations. Our programs are very much focused on practical competencs that students will gain, so we are looking for partenrships with their offer of teaching in English or German language. We will choose our partners based on their general references emphasizing their pedagogical and research excellence as well as their international objectives. Also our personal experiences that we have with our visiting lecturers from abroad will lead us to select partners.

Abitura is geographicaly oriented to the Europe, but our goal is to find partnerships from countries that are EU members as well as non EU-members, with emphasis on past collaboration.

In the first phase, our target group is our academic and non academic staff a well as our students.  We realize that Abitura is based on the people within the organization and that with growth, their personal quality and also their quality and excellence in teaching and research processes grow. We are oriented toward exchanges that would allow our staff more opportunities for personal growth and for making personal connections with professionals and academics in their professional and academic areas. These can be the basis for spreading and enriching cooperation among institutions.

Our study programs are a combination of theory and practice, so we want to enable our students study exchange in the filed of formal education as well as student internships. That represents added value to to our work in the sense that students gain valuable experience and additional practical knowledge, which leads to a better job search opportunity and adapting to labor market demands.

Abitura is yet not active on the area but very much interested in development of joint and double degrees.

We expect key contributions of ensuring more quality oriented and internationally relevant competencies that students need to improve employability and personal development. Very important are also the breadth and depth of competencies of academic staff that will be strengthened through the Programme. Included is the satisfaction of students and partners as their satisfaction is our best reference and indicator of business excellence.  We wish for  cooperation which enables our lecturers to gain such knowledge and experiences that help our students achieve all their expected competences.

Our school is rather small so we belive that is even more important to establish connections with various partners that we can implement new techniques, new learning approaches, that we strive towards up-to-date knowledge and that we all lern trought the examples of good practises. The school also provides equal possibilities for taking part of mobilities for the students and employees, regardless of gender, religion and nationality.

Through the Programme we will diversify, expand, and enrich studies and with that also enable students to complete their studies quicker, enriched through international experience and towards a more complete personal development enabling them to become more proactive and responsible EU citizens.

  • We will inform students about the importance of participating in international mobility and thus acquiring the appropriate knowledge for a faster transition to higher education. The purpose of the exchanges is also to implement different learning methods that lead to more successful and faster completion of studies.
  • We are striving for improving the quality and relevance of our study programes tought the excellence in learning and teaching, using innovative and modern teaching methods and modern ICT. The modern knowledge economy demands a highly skilled and flexible graduate worforce. Opportunities to develop employability are provided via curriculum, projects, mobility schemes, work practise and internhips.
  • Abitura is very committed to promoting international mobility and cooperation. We have an orderly system for evaluating obtained foreign education. Students’ mobility will enhance their professional, social and intercultural competences and thus open up their opportunities in the labor market and therefore become more competitive in the labour market.
  • International cooperation and practical training abroad formes so-called knowledge triangle, that links education, research and the economy. With the help of employers and partners, we will encourage our students to develop their entrepreneurial paths, innovative and creative skills. With the acquired knowledge, we will provide the economy and non-economy highly qualified personnel, who will competently perform demanding professional work at various levels in organizations.
  • We are a private school, funded almost exclusively by the tuition fees of students. We are committed to effective management and seeking for additional financial resources. In aaccordance with the requirements of this program and the transfer of good practices, we will improve management and funding.
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